Who we are

The Tower Hamlets Mediation Project (THMP), which provides community mediation to Tower Hamlets residents, is a joint partnership between global law firm Reed Smith LLP and Irene Grindell’s resolution consultancy IGRC.

Our award winning community mediation service is completely free, confidential and is available to all Tower hamlets residents experiencing neighbourhood conflict.

What we offer

Fully insured and trained mediators

Online consultations with the relevant parties

Joint online meetings with both parties’ consent

If required, we provide an interpreter service

A written agreement for the parties

Support to all parties concerned through to closure

Our Values

At THMP, we promise to always treat you in a fair way with your bests interests at heart. Our values are important to us and we will help you to communicate in a positive way and from a place of respect. We strive to always work within our values:

Respect – Empathy – Empowerment – Support – Non-judgemental – Non-blaming – Proactive

Principles of Mediation




Voluntary participation


Outcomes of mediation


Choice and responsibility

Realistic expectations


Future communication

Following mediation, clients have stated:

Brett Loremous

Construction Manager at Ammigle

“I can’t believe the difference mediation has made!”

Emily Reloupod

Retired business owner

“I feel ten years younger.”

Brett Loremous

Construction Manager at Ammigle

“I feel ten years younger.”

“You made the whole process so easy!”

Our mediators

Our volunteers, which include over 20 Reed Smith lawyers, are all trained as community mediators by IGRC and are passionate about mediation. 

Irene Grindell


Irene was the director for Tower Hamlets Mediation Service from 2005 to 2009. She has a passion for transforming the stress and pain of conflict into a positive and constructive experience. She has lived in Tower Hamlets for 41 years and understands the issues that residents can experience. 

Irene uses her 21 years of mediation and coaching practice alongside powerful techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Nonviolent Communication, and Neuro-linguistic Programming to mediate sensitive and complex issues. 

Irene connects overtly and honestly in a non-judgemental and empathic way that empowers and motivates. 

Irene’s clients include top universities, NHS Trusts and government agencies. 

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The Tower Hamlets Mediation Project (THMP)


Most frequent questions and answers

Mediation gives you a safe space for difficult conversations.

It is a voluntary process where independent, impartial mediators help people recognise and acknowledge their position in a dispute and work towards resolving the conflict. 

Community mediation is confidential and flexible to the specific needs of all participants. THMP mediators facilitate the process without giving advice or expressing opinions. They work in an empathic and non-judgemental way in an informal setting which puts all parties at ease. 

The process

  • All sessions are currently conducted online using video conferencing. 
  • Mediators initially meet up separately.
  • If both parties agree, a joint online mediation session is arranged. 
  • Parties are encouraged to talk openly and respectfully and acknowledge their differences and recognise common grounds and shared needs. 
  • Mediators explore options with the parties, affirm steps made and encourage new ideas for getting their needs met. 
  • Mediators help the parties to discover their own solution and make choices based on realistic expectations. 

Mediation can help you to sort out in your mind what is ‘your’ best way forward, a bit like coaching. We can help you to talk to your neighbour in a safe way after we have coached you both. 

You can stop the process at absolutely any point. It’s always your call – the ball is in your court. 

If mediation doesn’t work, you have lost nothing as it’s free, but more importantly you will gain confidence in deciding what you want to do next as we help you to make a plan moving forward.

There are no costs involved to anyone at any stage of the mediation process.