When Conflict takes over! Beautiful affirmation from a Tower Hamlets resident.

 Irene Grindell

Irene Grindell

Sometimes, when things are getting on top of you and it all seems so stressful and difficult, especially when conflict is the thing, then we need support. THMP recently received a wonderful and heartfelt thanks from a young man who had been experiencing issues with his neighbours for many years. He was very proactive and kept logs as advised, he called the police when the ASB, drug use and alcohol issues were affecting him and his neighbours. He attended meetings and wrote letters, but things just weren’t getting sorted. It was affecting his mental health and his quality of life where he just couldn’t enjoy his own home. As a last resort he contacted THMP. We were able to firstly offer conflict coaching to help him deal with his response to the conflict and how it was affecting him. We explored ways to create a clear plan of action and supported him emotionally through some exceedingly demanding situations including raising a complaint with his landlord. He is a very bright, intelligent, and tenacious young man. We helped to re-energise him and brainstorm next steps. We were able to attend a meeting with him to act as an advocate and support him before, during and after the meeting. THMP aims to provide a service that makes a difference to the residents in Tower Hamlets, so we went above and beyond the mediation call of duty.
When we received an email from him, we shed a few tears first and celebrated next.

“Just wanted to say thank you again for your support and for coming to the meeting today. I really appreciate it. I’m still on such a high after being able to get everything off my chest and feel so good. Thank you for your support.”

Then he put something on his local residents group chat –

“I wanted to give some feedback and a lot of thanks to Irene Grindell from THMP, who manages the community mediation project. I reached out to Irene and then met with THMP to discuss mediation support and conflict coaching to help take a proactive approach to my ASB problems. They have been so helpful, supportive, and even attended a community trigger meeting with me which left me feeling really good. I highly recommend you get in touch if like me you have tried everything else as there is so much, they can do. A big thank you to THMP.”

Things are still not perfect for our young man, but knowing he is in a better emotional state and dealing with issues when they arise from a more assertive and clearer stance makes our hearts sing. And we will continue to support him when needed.



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Most frequent questions and answers

Mediation gives you a safe space for difficult conversations.

It is a voluntary process where independent, impartial mediators help people recognise and acknowledge their position in a dispute and work towards resolving the conflict. 

Community mediation is confidential and flexible to the specific needs of all participants. THMP mediators facilitate the process without giving advice or expressing opinions. They work in an empathic and non-judgemental way in an informal setting which puts all parties at ease. 

The process

  • All sessions are currently conducted online using video conferencing. 
  • Mediators initially meet up separately.
  • If both parties agree, a joint online mediation session is arranged. 
  • Parties are encouraged to talk openly and respectfully and acknowledge their differences and recognise common grounds and shared needs. 
  • Mediators explore options with the parties, affirm steps made and encourage new ideas for getting their needs met. 
  • Mediators help the parties to discover their own solution and make choices based on realistic expectations. 

Mediation can help you to sort out in your mind what is ‘your’ best way forward, a bit like coaching. We can help you to talk to your neighbour in a safe way after we have coached you both. 

You can stop the process at absolutely any point. It’s always your call – the ball is in your court. 

If mediation doesn’t work, you have lost nothing as it’s free, but more importantly you will gain confidence in deciding what you want to do next as we help you to make a plan moving forward.

There are no costs involved to anyone at any stage of the mediation process.